Chakra Balancing is the basic foundation for almost all of our courses in Holistic Healing. Not only does this Chakra Balancing course give you an understanding of our "energetic" bodies and why it is important to keep the seven main chakras of the body clear and balanced, it also teaches you how to keep your chakras balanced and how to recognize where and why a dis-ease has manifested in the physical, emotional, and/or spiritual body.

In the Chakra Balancing Course you will learn:
  • What is a Chakra?
  • Locating the Chakras
  • Functions of the Chakras
  • The Chakras and the Elements
  • Detailed information on each Chakra
  • Easy and gentle Yoga postures to help awaken the Chakras
  • Astrological associations with the Chakras
  • Glandular connections with the Chakras
  • Essential oils and crystals that work well for each Chakra
  • Symptoms of Chakra balance and imbalance

In this course, you will receive:
  • Textbook (or pdf)
  • Digital video (yoga/meditation routine for the chakras)
  • Workbook with assignments and final exam
  • Personalized certificate upon completion
  • Full support

Tuition:  $50 (digital version only) - Add to Cart

or $80 for hard copy version of book - Add to Cart
"This course was a wonderful and very important course in learning how to clear and balance the chakras for oneself and for others. I believe this course is incredibly important, especially today, as more people are awakening to their divine truths. Thank you Dharmadevi." --Lindsay, California

"I wanted to say that the Chakra Balancing Course offered by the Reiki Blessings Academy [Yogananda Institute] is a very easy to understand course. Through this course I learnt how important it is to have all our 7 main chakras cleared and in balance, and above that, I learnt how to keep them in balance with an easy to follow technicque. I have always thought that the work with chakras is very difficult, but not anymore. While studying for this course, I was realizing more and more that I started actually to understand how my body works, what my body, mind and soul need in order to evolve. I have no words to thank you enough!"
 --Angelica, Canada
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